Flashback Friday: School Bus Driver

When I was in the Navy, my ship went in the drydock. During that time, we the crew moved into barracks. We needed to get back and forth from the ship to the barracks and I became a US Navy School bus driver! That was fun!

At first, the bus seemed huge, but after a while, it became manageable and I was zipping around, changing lanes, backing it into parking spaces and it became easy and fun to drive.

After I got out of the Navy, one of my first jobs was with a scale company, and that involved driving a large truck loaded with test weights to repair and calibrate roadside truck scales. That was a fun job too! Big boots and huge giant wrenches and crowbars. 500 pound test weights, dirt n dust and toughness! And the funny thing, the truck was about 200 pounds overweight! I knew it though. If i ever got weighed, I’d pull the truck onto the scale and try to jump out of the cab before the weight could be read. Depending on fuel, just might make it by! And the operator always knew why I jumped out too!

And there’s yer first flashback Friday in a long time!

Have a great weekend!

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