Flashback Friday: Proof Of The Existence of God

grapesIt was November 2000, I went to the grocery store and got some grapes, There were seeded grapes and seedless grapes next to each other. I wanted seedless but got the ones with seeds somehow. They were terrible grapes with tons of seeds, but they tasted good..

Soooo. the next morning I got my divorce papers and the whole mess was over. (We were married about a year and together about 6 months, and getting married the first time was the biggest mistake of my life, the only thing in my life that I would un-do) And the process, while difficult, was not as bad as it could have been. I was happy and grateful. After I went to the lawyers and got the papers, then went to the beach. I took some grapes.

I was sitting on the beach, saying “Thank you God for the divorce and thank you for bringing me through it”. Then I ate a grape, forgetting they had seeds, “Crunch cruch, awww crap!” Then I said “God, now, if you’d take the seeds out of these grapes, then my day would be complete! Ha ha! Not really God, just kidding, I know you don’t do stuff like that, just thanks for the divorce”.

Not another grape in that bunch had seeds. I know why.

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