Flashback Friday: Kindergarten Kite

kiteThe year was 1965, the place was Brookhaven Elementary School, Rockville Maryland USA. I was in Kindergarten, 5 years old, first year of real school. Kindergarten was half day, either in the mornings or afternoons. I was in the morning class.

One day, my class and I made kites out of construction paper. Then we went out on the huge vast playground to fly them. In my memory, this playground was huge. Huge paved section, huge grassy section, with trees way far far away on the horizon.

I was running and trying to get my kite in the air, the kite was pretty small, so it didn’t fly too good, but I was really trying to get it up there. All of a sudden, I noticed that all the other kids on the playground were really big, and I looked and looked and didn’t see anybody from my class.

I started crying.

Eventually a teacher asked my why I was crying.

“I can’t find anybody with a kite like mine” I whined, and held up my kite for her to see.

Turns out, morning kindergarten was over, I was trying so hard to make my kite fly that I missed the bell that signaled the end of recess, missed the end of school, everybody in my class had gone home and I had stayed in school late. So I went home.

That’s my Flashback Friday for today. Have a good weekend.

I was thinking about an advantage of the Free Blogger or WordPress blog over the pay-for-your-own blog. When you die, the free blog will stay up, but with a pay-for-your-own, when the payment is due and you can’t pay (because you’re dead) the blog will come down. A free blog would theoretically remain up forever, a tribute to the bloggers life and history.

9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Kindergarten Kite

  1. That was probably the one and only time you stayed late at school (well maybe other than detention!)… I sometimes also wonder about my cyber identity when I am long gone.

  2. On the first day of kindergarten I took a dead mouse and put it in the desk of the teacher. the second day I put spiders in her desk..on the 3rd day I was sent home with a note pinned to my snowsuit that said ‘please check Jackie Sue’s pockets before she enters the school building.’…

  3. I am astonished I just found your entry — I too was in the 1965/66 morning kindergarten class at Brookhaven Elementary in Rockville, MD. Lived on Grenoble Drive — and I still have the kite we all made using, in addition to construction paper, paper straws. Were you in Miss Scheiner’s (sp??) class or Mrs. Perkins’? I do not remember anyone named Mark in my class but I do have my Valentines from kindergarten, back at home in Rockville, which I will look at when I am back there in March. A few minutes ago, I did a Google search for “Brookhaven Elementary School” 1965, and found your posting. Amazing. I only attended Brookhaven for the one year, and then we had to move.

    • Wow I am truly amazed too! email me at markd60@gmail.com. Miss Schnieder? Shiner? (sp?) sounds about right. I don’t remember anybodys name from kindergarten.
      I went to Brookhaven for Kindergarten and first grade (Miss Davis) I have the picture around somewhere.

      • I just made a low-res scan of the kindergarten photo and e-mailed it to you, along with identifying the few kids I can, besides myself. Look forward to hearing back after you take a look to see if you are in the picture and if it was indeed your class.


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