Flashback Friday – Breathing Pot Smoke Instead Of Air

Back before I joined the Navy, when I was a long haired hippie, I worked in a cafeteria that shall not be named here.

Sometimes, I had to do dishes. There was a big, industrial dishwasher, about a cubic meter in size. It was on this sink/slide tray and had these custom racks for the dishes to go on. It had two doors, one in, one out. It washed the dishes for 60 seconds in 180 degree F water.

There was also a door in the room that went out to the parking lot. I would park my car very close to that door.

I was a pretty good dish-doer. When I had to do dishes,I would sometimes fill and line up a whole bunch ot the dish racks, slide one in, and push the “wash” button.

In that 60 seconds, I would run out to my car, take a huge toke off my pot pipe, then, holding it in, I would run inside, pull the clean dishes out, stack them, put the next tray in, press the button and run back out to my car.

Then I’d blow out the smoke, and inhale another giant toke off my pipe. Run back in, start the next tray, stack the clean dishes and/or load up some more dirty dishes to be washed. Run back outside, exhale, toke, run inside and repeat.

My objective was to not breathe any air, only pot smoke, during my entire shift.

Just one of the ways I had fun when I was a kid, about 40 years ago!

The above picture is me in 1977 or 78, on a lunch break when I worked at the cafeteria!

Of course, you know I don’t smoke pot or drink or use drugs any more. Not since 1991.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Breathing Pot Smoke Instead Of Air

  1. You knew Bill Clinton right?
    Um back then ?
    You use to clean that bong in that dishwasher to

    Congratulations that’s a hard thing to do .
    One day at a time.

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