Five Days and a Wake Up


Monday morning again, it’s hazy and gray. The sun coming up this morning looks just like the sun did setting last night. I don’t ever recall any weather quite like this in Cayman. Breezy yet hot.

Five days and a wake up till vacation. Very eager to go.

It was forecast to be windy this weekend, so I didn’t take the boat out. It didn’t turn out to be so bad. I need a trailer hitch, so I have some independence.

I mowed the yard yesterday, and The Wife did some landscaping. Looks goooooooood!

Have a good week.

6 thoughts on “Five Days and a Wake Up

  1. We’ve been remarking on the grayness as well – very odd. We saw no blue in the sky yesterday. I read somewhere that dust from a Sahara sandstorm was enroute to South America – could this be part of the same? Or is it just moisture in the air that makes it hazy?

    And yes, breezy AND hot. We’ve been out every day with turtle nests and iguana captures and it is HOT. I’ve always loved warm weather but the heat this year is making me nauseous. What’s going on, Mark?

  2. Gray in the Caymans? Never thought that was possible. We visited there 2 years ago and it was glorious. How fortunate you are to live there!!!

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