First Rain

I was saying to the wife yesterday, I said, “Wife, the weatherman has been saying rain for the past two weeks, and I’ve been taking the car instead of the scooter and I have yet to get a drop of rain on my car”
Well, this morning it’s raining, finally. AcourseĀ  it’ll probably stop before I head to work..

Although I slept good, I had a hard time getting up. And I feel tired now.

Since it’s raining, I took the dogs out instead of just letting them loose in the yard. Ditto is too old to stay out of the rain. I let the dogs back in and fed the cats. Came upstairs and Ditto was on the back porch in the rain, going around and around the table. He can only turn left. Every lap he would pause, contemplating that right turn to get out of the circle, then he’d go around again…. Poor lil fella.

have a good day!

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