First Friday

First Friday of 2017 and I’m running late, no time to post. Have a great weekend!

Now I’m at work, adding to this post.

The wife had a rough day yesterday, she got to the airport and the ticket counter was already closed by 5 minutes, they wouldn’t let her on the plane, so I bought her another, one way to Miami on a later flight while she was standing at the ticket counter.

She had a very productive day in Miami, but when she tried to return to Grand Cayman, they told her that since she wasn’t on the morning flight, her return was flight was cancelled! What a crock! She was standing at the ticket counter, after being told by the agent that she could buy a one way ticket.

So, after talking to the manager, she finally ended up getting on the flight with her original ticket. (The one way ticket costed about the same as a round trip anyway. a $360)

Sooo, when she finally got ont he plane, it was practically empty.

Anyway, I’m super glad it’s Friday and I hopefully will go diving tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend!

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