First Daya Work 2020

2020 is very pleasing to type, isn’t it?

First day of the 2020 workyear today, I’m back on my routine. Got up at 4:45, walked the dogs. Sitting out back with the coffee and the post posting.

Not sure if I’d call it a good vacation or not, only made it to the beach three times, no diving. I gotta go diving, I didn’t dive much in 2019.

Yesterday I pressure washed the back porch. There’s this grey concrete dust stuck all over the place. It didn’t come out well, once it got wet, I couldn’t see the dust, and when it dried, I could see pressure washer marks on the deck. It’s better than it was, knocked all the big chunks off…

Not much to post about today, its Thursday, and I think it’s good to have a short week to start off the new year.

Happy 2020 and have a great year!

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