First day back at work

I just got home from my first day back at work. It was incredibly busy and a very good day. I wasn’t even the door 5 minutes and my boss told me he needed me to work late.
Our librarian/program scheduler is going on vacation and I have been tryng to learn how to operate the system I installed a couple months ago. It is a part of the radio station I have always wanted to learn. It is scheduling the commercials and interfacing them with the music portion of the programming. You’ll hear me whining about it next week!
On my laptop computer, I formatted the drive and reinstalled the OS, now I am having trouble connecting it to my network, I can take it to another network, like works, and connect with no problem, but I’m having trouble connecting at home…. My super high security is too superly high! I’m typing this on my oooooold desktop, Almost the same kind Adam and Eve had back in the Garden of Eden. Just a little newer.
I really want to spend some time on my blog, I’m excited about I have been looking for a way to post audio and video on my blog and I can do it with Putfile. I have a crappy 5 second video I took that shows ripping current on a dive one day that I want to post, and I will, as soon as I get the chance. Also, more me talking, you can ask The Berkeley Girl, I’ve been trying to do audio since the beginning. And oh yeah Debi, I sound American ’cause I am. And I’m probably not the only one who’d like to hear your voice and see your picture too! Now you know where to post the audio!
I can’t believe it’s so late, I just got home and I have a lot to do before I go to bed. I’m glad tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!! I’m not tired at all and I need to be!!
I can’t wait till tomorrow!

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  1. whoa, I didn’t know you were back! Welcome back and yaaay, you finally get to start audio posting!How do you like Putfile? Is it any good? Are there any time limits? Can you edit your posts afterwards? Do you have to pay anything? Etc???

  2. I’m from Virginia and came down here, met a girl and moved. She’s gone, I’m still here! (That’s making a very long story very short!)Putfile is totally free and they say they keep the files forever! No, you can’t edit after you post.

  3. Putfile is great isn’t it?! I have been using Putfile since Feb. I like the fact that I can add pics and stuff on the fly without having to have an account or anything. I started a photobucket account a couple of months ago when Putfile was acting up. But you cna’t beat Putfile for the audoi and videos.

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