first break, I like it

I am all dressed and ready to go to work. I have my coffee, strong and black. The dog is outside after his walk. I have about 40 minutes before I have to leave, it is still dark outside but there is a faint glow to the east. I just discovered my shirt on inside-out and fixed it. I really like this time of day. My first spurt of energy expended and now I get to rest for a few minutes.
We got back yesterday afternoon, the OI Girls work xmas party was fun. Tonight is my work’s xmas party. She’s in my bed sleeping. As luck would have it, a friend of her’s is here too (not at my house, but on this island) and they will be hanging out today.
Yesterday I was hanging out at the hotel pool while OI Girl was working. I got a lot of sun, I was red yesterday but not today. Lucky me.
I have to work a lot of hours today, an outside broadcast at 2, the talk show at 4, then traffic at 5 and the party at 7.
Sitting here now may be the last time I sit anywhere all day!

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  1. I do like morning as well. But if I don’t have anywhere to go, I rarely see morning! I am listening to Radio Margaritaville from Jimmy Buffet’s web site. They were broadcasting live from Georgetown, Cayman’s. One of Jimmy’s band mates is playing at a Lutheran church there tonight I believe. Enjoy the party!Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Santa’s run off to the carribean!

  2. Early morning has become my favorite time of the day. No one here and baby sleeping. The way the pre-dawn light looks as it slowly filters into the room. It’s great.

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