Firehouse Pond

Do you know what Geocaching is? If not, look it up HERE.

Next to my building at work, is the airport fire station. And next to that, is a small pond.

I think it would be an excellent place for a geocache. Therre’s lots of iguanas and turtles, although I saw no turtles yesterday, when I took these pics. It’s near the airport, which means it would get lots of visitors. I work nearby, so I could easily maintain it. Plus, I’ve been thinking about putting one there for a long time. I think I’ll make it happen!

Yesterday there was a chicken checking me out at work, usually, they don’t come too close, in fact, a lot of the time they squalk and run away as soon as you open the door. But this one wasn’t scared, she came within touching distance, although she had moved away by the time I whipped out my camera.

It might be a ‘he’, not a ‘she’…

And it’s Wednesday! Have a great hump day!

9 thoughts on “Firehouse Pond

  1. While I have never geochaced? myself, coincidently I received a request from someone just two days ago asking if they could use a map I drew, well a line on a map, for geocaching purposes. I said yes.

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