Firefox For Android Is The Worst Browser

I’ve had it, I’m getting rid of Firefox on my tablet. The only reason I have it is because it was recommended by my financial instution, but I don’t think they realized I was talking about Android.

The original title of this post was “Selling My Car”. I wanted to include a screenshot of my advertisement online, but after 45 minutes of wrestling with Fireox, I was still unable to view the ad. Unresponsive. You click a link and you can’t tell if you’ve clicked it or not. Nothing happens. Click again, nothing. finally something does happen but you don’t know what it was, all of a sudden you’re off in outer space. So you click the “back ” button. Nothing. You can’t even tell you presssed it. So you press it again. Nothing. All of a sudden you’re off in space again, other end of the galaxy. This app is unworthy of the Firefox name.

Do you have Android? What browser do you use?

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