Find The Man Friday.

Dog n bone.

Can you find the mans face in this picture? See  the answer HERE.

Happy FRIDAY! Yeah! Payday! YEAH! (We only get paid once a month). Plus my Christmas Savings Plan money got deposited! Yeah! Plus a pay raise YEAH!!! Plus pay raise back pay from July! YEAH BABY! I’ll be broke before December, but maybe I’ll get some projects done around here.

Yesterday was American Thanksgiving, normal workday here, but the wife and I had some turkey and fixin’s, from a to-go restaurant. Saturday night we’re going for a turkey dinner at some friends.

Redskins got beat by Dallas yesterday. I guess the season’s over for them. They’re tied for first place in the division, but their injuries mean that they probably won’t do too well the rest of the season. 

I’m glad it’s Friday just because it’s FRIDAY!!!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Find The Man Friday.

  1. Tricky picture. Yaaaa for pay rises, back pay and holiday pay! Have fun with that. Saturday here, wet and miserable. But Summer is just around the corner, so YAAAA. Have a productive weekend spending all that money. * smiles *

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