Finally A Friday

Not that it matters, I’m working all weekend. CayTronics job.

The Wife is going to Cayman Brac this weekend because it’s her birthday weekend.

When I leave this morning I probably won’t be home till very late. The wife is working late too so I guess the dogs won’t get walked this evening.

I’ve been in a funk all week, I’m tired of being in a funk.

I just remembered I normally do Flashback Friday, I forgot..

I can’t post, I can’t think, my head is wrong.

4 thoughts on “Finally A Friday

  1. Sounds like you’re working too hard, Mark. You need a vacation. Believe me, I understand. (I’ve had the dang flu for 2 weeks!) I had to work hard all my life just to try and keep up. And then, after you hit 50, it becomes almost impossible to keep up. I haven’t had a vacation in at least 5 years. Can’t really remember how long.

    Hang in there, things have to get better. I finally become eligible for Medicare this year, which will help my financial situation. I think I’ll be able to retire from the motel biz at the end of the coming summer.

    The photo of the kid jumping into the water you posted a few days ago helped cheer me up. The water is so clean and beautiful there!

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