Well, hopefully to day we’ll get the Pirates Day parade and song contest and street party finished! Last weekend I spent the weekend setting up then taking down after every event got cancelled. Now I’ll spend my second weekend, only hopefully this time it won’t be cancelled!
It doesn’t look like rain today!

It’s getting harder and harder to wake up at my usual time of 5 AM. It is soo dark that early! I can’t decide if I’ll have to open a can of self discipline and get up anyway of set my alarm clock to go off later.

I was talking last night with the OI girl. We had a disagreement. She thinks I am obviously hornier than her and I think she is obviously hornier than me. It is an intersting difference of perspective. I think that outside a relationship, guys are hornier, but in a relationship, girls are way way hornier. I think it’s extremely obvious and doesn’t even require discussion, but apparently, it does. I think I know what makes her think I’m hornier, even if my brain doesn’t want sex, I still have a physical reaction to her “automatic female charms”. for example, when I was there last week, we went outside to lay in a hammock. I thought we’d stay out there for an hour or two, maybe take a nap and relax. But no. Five minutes later, after she lays next to me and her body is next to mine, something happens, and suddenly I can’t even bend at the waist anymore. So instead of relaxing on the hammock for a while, we end up going back inside for an hour or two. I mean, she didn’t do anything to turn me on, she was just there, it’s not her fault, and my brain just wanted to relax on the hammock. So what happended?

Anyway, I must get ready to go to work. I should have some good pictures from today to post!

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  1. “and suddenly I can’t even bend at the waist anymore.”Oh, man, you are too funny.My two cents worth: guys are way hornier than women. Maybe that’s up for debate, I don’t know.I’m celebrating my 22nd year of marriage tomorrow and I know for sure who is hornier–me.Funny post, dude.~m

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