Filling Up On Half

For a long time, I’ve had a personal rule to stop and get gas when it gets down to half a tank. That way, I don’at run out of gas, and it takes less money to fill up.

The other day, I was driving and notice my tank was half full, and I felt just a flash of anxiety, like when you look down and seee the tank is completly empty. I had to remind myself,”that’s not empty, I still have half a tank left”. But I realized that my behavior had been altered, my ‘fill-up-on-half-a-tank’ training was complete.

Yesterday, actually, day-before-yesterday, I left my tablet at work, so yesterday morning, I coudn’t post.

And it’s FRIDAY! H ave a dental appointment today, they found 3 cavities on my last checkup.

Have a great weekend!

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