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I had to post these two pictures to go with my last post…. This should have been a penalty for sure. Old number 19 should have been out of the game. This incident happened minutes before the shootout, in which the goalie, in blue, had to be in top form.



You’re not allowed to use your hands in football. Hence the name FOOTball. Costa Rica never lost a match. Crookedness took the game from them.

FIFA was against Costa Rica from the beginning. Instantly, when Costa Rica won their first match, seven players were given drug test. This is a disproportionately high number. No other team had such a high percentage of players tested, of course, Costa Rica was clean. The second Costa Rica scored first in their second match, the behavior of the referees abruptly changed, favoring the competition. When  the opposing coach (Greece) realized he was not guaranteed a  win, he freaked out, and got ejected from the game. This makes it even more obvious that forces were at work against Costa Rica. Costa Rica won anyway, short one player for virtually the entire game.

Costa Rica went a lot further than FIFA intended them  to.

These pictures above are an example of one incident of several from their final game.

FIFA is responsible for having impartial refs, instead, I suspect they are the culprits who instructed the refs who they wanted to win. I was told this would happen before the World Cup started.

All this makes Costa Rica even greater in the Worlds eyes, they will  never be  called the underdogs from the group of death ever again.

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