Feels Like Tuesday,

But it’s THURSDAY!

While I was on vacation, there was a fire in my building. An air conditioner. My office wasn’t damaged, but since there’s no power, I had to move to another office in a different building until it gets cleaned up. The whole building is covered in soot. Glad my door was closed.

Last night I made meatloaf for dinner. My wife said it was my best yet. 2 lbs of 97% lean hamburger, about half a cuppa Panko breadcrumb things, 2 eggs, a flat handful of dried onions and a generous squirt of hot sauce. And salt n pepper. Knead it all into a ball, plop it in yer oven pan, make a pretty design on top with ketchup, and bake for an hour at 375.

I got pretty angry this morning, thinking about work, but I think I’ve calmed down now.

“Bring the weekend”, he said, after only one day back at work from vacation.

3 thoughts on “Feels Like Tuesday,

  1. we had a cold front move it and it was 66 when I got up this morning…still cool out at 10a.m. had shorts on and went to garden and watered my okra and planted rattlesnake beans and my legs were cold..made me laugh. High of 84 today, but rest of the week will be 97 ..feck..
    glad you weren’t in the office when the fire started..one more day sweetie and then’THE WEEKEND’.

  2. Your meatloaf sounds nice. I put heaps of grated up veges in mine, it was a good way to get veges into me kids! Lots of tomato sauce helped of course. I use ‘ground beef’ and sausage meat too. We call ‘ground beef’ mince here btw.

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