FB Ruining WhatsApp Next

you know they’re gonna screw it up.

Above is a screengrab of headline today. For those who don’t know, Facebook bought WhatsApp a while ago.

When you have a good thing, just leave it alone. I’m starting to think that Facebook Inc is like an evil entity that has destroyed everything it had and is now buying other beautiful things to destroy.

Facebook was great till Facebook destroyed itself. Now they’re going to destroy WhatsApp the same way. Keep messing with it and messing with it until its ruined. Like forcing a beautiful girl to get plastic surgeries until she’s hideous.

I really didn’t want to post a negative post this morning but dang! Facebook Inc, quit being so stupid! I’ll be leaving WhatsApp next, probably Instagram after that.

Soon if not already, Facebook will be synonymous with P.O.S.

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