Father Wiretaps Son.

I found this on the news this morning. A father put a recording device on autistic his son to find  out what was going on at school. He was shocked to find the teaching staff was bullying his son.
Despite the audio tape proof of bullying, the teacher and one aide did not get fired (one aide did get fired), but were moved to another classroom. Stuart Chaifetz, the father, made this video and has started a petition to make sure that teachers who bully children will be fired from their jobs. You can read the petition and sign it here

I got this article from Here and Here.

I think jail time in addition to firing is more appropriate. The prison guards should have special instructions to taunt these inmates.

This article truly makes me angry.

When I was a kid in school, especially the earlier years, I had a hard time with some of my teachers. The difference between the case above and me is that it was always the teachers and my parents against me. I was expected to conform to any conditions. I remember especially a sixth grade math teacher….

6 thoughts on “Father Wiretaps Son.

  1. I saw this on the news and I agree with you. Having an Autistic Step Son, I would Go Ballistic if I found that this was happening to him.I suspect that the reasons that the teachers were moved is because they have Tenure…a practice that really should be stopped here…

  2. I can remember my first male teacher… he picked on me because I was shy! He even strapped me… I'll never forget him.That father did the right thing finding out,no matter how, what was going on with his child in school.

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