Fantastic-est Weekend

Thursday, instead of going to my meeting like my wife thought I  was going, I went to the airport and picked up her Mom, Aunt, and First Cousin, then took them to the restaurant/bar where my co-conspirator and wife’s best friend, Emma, had taken my wife. 

I called when we were on our way from the airport, I asked is she was still there and told her I was starving and was coming to eat. 

We got to the restaurant, I went in first, giving instructions for the relatives to wait 30 seconds, then follow me in. I told my wife that I had a surprise for her, and showed her an email from her boss, saying that she had the day off tomorrow (Friday) and the itenerary from her relaitives trip.. My wife explained how she couldn’t take the day off, busy Friday, cruise ships, yada yada the she turned to the itenerary and and asked “what’s this?” then her relatives walked up. She saw them from about 10 feet away and was very very VERY happy.

I will never forget those moments  when my wife rushed to meet them and they were stadcing with their arms around each other talking and laughing and a little crying.

Sold the car this weekend, riding my bicycle to work as an experiment. Have a good week!.

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