Fantastic Dive Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day! I went for a dive I always wanted to go on, a shore dive to the Carrie Lee. I went to this fairly new park, I think it’s called the Dart Family Park. It is adjacent to the Carrie Lee and there is no piece of land that is closer. I parked in the parking lot and geared up and walked down to this antique boat ramp and got in and compassed out. I saw a nurse shark, a spotted eagle ray, turtle and a lot of good things.
As I went out further, the current got stronger and stronger. I tried to compensate, and when I got to the depth the wreck was at, I couldn’t find it. I swam into the current for a while, looking for it, but nada.
When I reached the shore, I was a little north of where I intended to be, which makes me think I think I over-compensated for the current and I should have looked the other way for the wreck. It was probably right there! It was too deep for my camera. Too bad, the shark was beautiful!

After the dive, I invaded a hotel swimming pool, You should have seen this girl there. she was wearing the smallest, lowest bikini. I wished again that I had my camera! When it comes to womens swimsuits, less is more!
After staying at the pool for a while, I went home for lunch and to rinse my rebreather. Then to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

I’m at work already, we were off the air one one frequency this morning. It was the BBC Satellite receiver, it was locked onto the satellite, but there was no audio, I re-booted it and it started working. We musta had a power failure last night.

Since I came in early I plan on taking off early and that means extra beach time!
Have a good week!

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  1. OK I’m envisioning the warm blue waters of the Caribbean washing over me right now. With the hot, hot sun beating down on my skin. I’m thinking I’m beconing the waiter to get me another Mojito. And I’m cursing the girl in the teeny, weeny bikini!

  2. Hi, my first visit here. Nice site, and wonderful pics! I am looking for a radio station job, but maybe the Caymans are a little too far to drag the kids. I know a diver who would be interested in your site; I will send him over.

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