Experimenting With Weather Apps

I currently have three weather apps on my Nexus 7, 1Weather, Accuweather, and Intellicast. Weatherbug was in the running, but has been eliminated because the widget consistently quits working.


I like Intellicast quite a bit, but it wants to search for your location every time instead of just loading your default location. I’d like it if you could change the default view instead of it opening to the map every time. Difficult to navigate. But it is definitely the coolest weather app I’ve found.

1Weather boasts that they’re #1in the world, but I don’t know who says that, probably just 1Weather. Simple and plain (plain meaning ugly), easy to navigate. However right now it says sunny and it’s raining.


Accuweather is ok, something bugs me about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m going to say it’s probably the best overall, good display and good widget. But it’s not the one I like best.


I would love to be made aware of whichever weather app you use and your thoughts on it.

Work today, don’t wanna go. Have a good one!

8 thoughts on “Experimenting With Weather Apps

  1. Sorry no weather apps here just Met Office forecast on line. Most of them are wrong quite a lot of the time. Can’t understand why with so much technology around? Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I live in Houston. We don’t really have weather.

    Ok, so maybe the occasional hurricane, but usually not enough weather to need an app. 🙂

  3. Well, so sorry, but I can’t seem to get interested in apps. The only thing I’ve got in modern technology besides my simple cell phone is a desk computer and any weather station I’ve checked out in my computer always says the opposite of what’s going on here on my island, which is mostly sun or rain. Hope that perfect weather app you’re looking for comes along : )

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