“Executive Checkup”

Health City Hospital, Cayman Islands

Today I’m going to Health City for an “executive physical”. Supposedly a very extensive checkup. It was promoted by our health insurance.

Health City is this new big hospital that continues to grow in the hopes of one day becoming a destination for medical tourism. They have a very good reputation.

So, I have to leave home early to get there, with no breakfast (OR COFFEE!). That’s the whole test, if you can survive with no coffee for halfa day, you’re fine.

I feel like they’re not going to find anything major wrong with me, but you never know. Maybe I should have saved yesterdays post for tomorrow…

Have an extra cuppa coffee for me this morning please!

8 thoughts on ““Executive Checkup”

  1. I hope it all went well. I had enough coffee for both of us. When we have blood tests, though, they tell us we can have black coffee before we come in for the tests. Although I like milk in my coffee, black coffee is better than the alternative!

    • I was told that too, but a lot of medical people don’t know it. I drink mine black, and I guess I could drink coffee and keep my mouth shut.

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