Evaluate My Dream For Me

Had a weird dream
I was in a car, with a little white dog, and our new cat, Ashy.
I pulled into a store parking lot (the store I really wanted to go to was aroud the corner from the store we were at, but I didn’t want any body to know I wanted to go to that store)
I got out of the car and took this big tractor tire out of the back. I was rolling it across the parking lot, toward the store door. I was thinking “I should have left this in the car, heck, I should just throw it away, It’s a pain in the ass, carryng this tire everywhere.” But I knew I wouldn’t throw it away because that would be littering.

I looked back at the car, and saw a place in front of the car, where I could ditch the tire. I saw the dog and cat, playing. The cat was biting the dogs tail. I thought to myself, “At least the cat’s finally gettig along with the dog.”
I also saw a picnic table, in pine tree woods, On the table were playing cards, and a whole bunch of empty bottles and cans, like there was a card game there last night, and everybody just got up and walked away.
I walked over to the table,  (with my tire) and looked. The cards were huge, more than twice the size of regular cards, all face up. There were a lot of them, and I turned some over and some were red, and some were blue. Two decks of cards. They were cool, and I wanted to take them, but I thought “that would be stealing” although they were clearly abandoned.

The lesson I learn from this dream is that I carry a burden I don’t want to carry, because I worry what others will think (ditchig the tire/littering) and I don’t do what I want to do, again, because I’m worried what others will think (not going to the store I wanted to go to, and not taking the cards, although they were clearly abandoned, laying with a pile of trash)

What do you think?

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