We went and saw Avengers Endgame this weekend. One of my first thoughts almost as soon a the movie started there was a caption “Five Years Later”. I thought, i’t’s been five years, you’re over it now. Move on.” Everyone looked to be living great lives, at one with nature.

Thanos was right, losing half the population woud be a good thing for the earth. Especially if they just melted away with no disease or catastrophy.

The next thing, Thor goes back in time, sees his mom, and snags his hammer. What does the non-time-traveling Thor of the day use for a hammer?

It was a good movie, I’m not complaining.

Sunday we had my new boss and his wife over for dinner, they’re vegan. My wife enjoyed cooking a vegan meal. Yesterday, the next day, we went out and got a steak.

It was a good weekend. Did a lot of work on the roof. I’m ready to paint, now. I keep working on it and working on it. I gotta get ‘er done.

Yesterday was a holiday, so it’s a short week. Make it a good one!

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