Early in = early out, (I hope)

I’m at work already, I awoke to the sound of silence, the computer had quit so we were broadcasting silence. So I came in and re-started the computer and now I’m cleaning my shop. It needs it, my workbench is covered in stuff.

After work last night I swam even though it was late. I started to swim the half mile but the sun started going down and I turned around. I was about half way when I turned around, and normally I swim the half and walk back, so I rekkon I swam a little less than the half, but almost. I feel it a little this morning.

Here’s a picture I took yesterday, sitting in my car. I like this pic because it seems very “busy”. The cruise ship isn’t on the pier, it is anchored out pretty far. The people are getting on a boat to take them to the ship.

0 thoughts on “Early in = early out, (I hope)

  1. You go, Mark! I’ve actually tried to start exercising a little myself. I’ve been walking a mile on my break at work and climbing the stairs too!go me!

  2. Wow, I never realized how BIG those ships are. I guess I should take a cruise. I took a 7 hour cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport and then stayed on the island for a few days, but it’s not like a REAL cruise. It must be nice to live on an island. I will always want to live on the water.

  3. That’s a cool pic, it does look like the boat is actually on the pier doesn’t it. Gotta love those optical illusions!My mother is going on a cruise in March. Too bad she doesn’t need me as a travel compainion. Oh well.

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