Drug use brain damage

I have a terrible time remembering names. I meet someone and get their name, and I instantly forget it. Or, if I try real hard, and pay attention, and think “That’s a common name, I can remember that”, then a few minutes later, I realize it is gone.

We’ve been watching the TV show “Bones”. I don’t know any of the characters names, except Bones, whose real name is Temperance, and Sweets, the Psychologist. When I hear the name on the show, the name instantly transfers to the picture of their face, and the name is rejected.

Back when I was a kid, I did a lot of drugs, I mean a lot. I wonder if this is related to those days.

Books are different, I read a name of a character, and automatically form a picture in my mind. Then I read the name again, and refer to the picture. Sometimes I get confused if there are too many characters in the book, but friends always say I describe books I read to them like a movie, and they seem impressed and I think it is a good thing.

There are several friends whose names I don’t know. I meet them, hear their name, forget it, and never hear it again. The longer I know someone whose name I don’t know, the harder it is to ask. Imagine a friend of yours, you’ve been friends for years, and all of a sudden one day, your friend asks your name, and says he never knew it all these years, wouldn’t that be weird?

5 thoughts on “Drug use brain damage

  1. The state government of California now spends a bigger portion of its budget on its prison systems than it does on its school systems. By changing our approach to the war on drugs, maybe, just maybe, we can end this type of insanity from our political class. However, it ends only if we find a way to bypass their immobility. After forty years or so, it is unhighly likely they will follow the advice from an old Who song and start “going mobile.”

  2. I don't like people calling me honey and sweetie. No offense Granny, but it's one of my pet peeves. I think forgetting names is a natural occurance – I believe it's called "matured minds"…well, my mind is plenty matured that's for sure!! I don't do well on names either. I can remember colors real well…lol…debbie

  3. Here's the thing! I didn't dodrugs as a kid and I have the exact same problem. I chalk it up to laziness or something. Why? Because if I see a woman I like, I never forget her name… but I forget everyone else's.I've drawn the conclusion that I forget names because I don't care enough to remember them…Not that I'm saying that is what your problem is… but do you remember the names of hot chicks who look willing or not?

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