Dreams With My Father

Keep having dreams about my father. Last night I dreamed we were in the synagogue and he kept leaning over my shoulder to point out where we were in the text.
I tlod him to quit it and he wouldn’t. Finally I got up and left,  mad. He followed me outside. I said “I would be here whether you forced me or not, so leave me alone!

Then I wake up and think “My father is dead.” It’s the second dream like this I have had

5 thoughts on “Dreams With My Father

  1. That’s not unusual. It’s common and you are certainly not crazy. I have dreams of my parents being alive and with us once in awhile. The funny thing is when my mother and my husband appear in the same dream since I didn’t know my husband yet while my mother was alive. I always look at those dreams as my subconscious wanting to spend time with Mom again. It’s fun to think she and my husband could meet even in my dreams.

  2. very strange indeed. but at least you get to see him again in some form. i always feel happy on the rare mornings when i wake up having dreamed about my grandfather…

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