Dreams Again

Last night I had a couple of memorable dreams. I dreamed I was out on the road for work, and found a Cayman Islands $2 bill. (There’s no such thing, I don’t think.) I put it with my stack of money and noticed a thread hanging off of it. I tried to burn off the thread with a lighter and all my money caught on fire and I threw it on the road to try and stopm it out and it smooshed like shaving cream. Then there was nothing left but ash.

The other dream was I was in a big work truck, and the driver parked and I mounted a boxlike object on the side of the truck. Then the driver started moving the truck and I voiced my concern because he might hit something with the box. Then he parked, and I could feel that the truck was right on my tool bag. The driver was my brother Bruce, but I never realized it was him until the end of the dream.

And now it”s almost sunrise, I’m waiting for the tile guys to arrive and start the back. After today I should have a good idea of when they’ll be done.

new tile, front porch.

Have a great day!

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