I had a weird dream last night.
I was at this womans house, D’s, having dinner. It was very good. After dinner her two daughters brought dessert. I recognized them, and they looked much older than they are. All three girls were very happy that I liked the dinner and dessert.
Suddenly an ex-girlfriend, L, appeared, and was sitting at the table with me. She seemed very calm and sad.
Then D’s husband came in, and walked by me, giving a strange look but not saying a word. He went into the kitchen, and I could hear him talking to D. Then he came back out to the table and was teasing me. Calling me lovey boy, and saying I liked his wife, which I did, and she liked me too, in this dream. (L had disappeared by now).
I got angry and got up and walked to the kitchen, looking for D, I was going to tell her I was getting ready to kick her husbands ass. Instead found another ex girlfriend, K, in there hiding. She said we had to go, so we went outside and got in her car, a gold Jaguar. The Jaguar had windows that wouldn’t roll down and the AC didn’t work and it was HOT. I looked over at her driving and she was wearing a very short skirt and a very tight sleeveless shirt and had very large boobs, flat stomach, nice tanned arms and legs and her skin was all shiny and wet from sweating. She looked very good, but it was very very hot and uncomfortable in the car, and I felt guilty for wanting to have sex with her.

Then I woke up.

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