Drawing a Blank

Drawing a blank on a post this morning. Yesterday at work seemed like Tuesday, which is not a good thing. Because now it’s Tuesday and this has the makings for a long week.

Above is a rainbow I shot yesterday morning right before I headed to work. It’s about all I have for pics today.

I didn’t even really see my wife yesterday, I was gone before she got up, and asleep before she got home. I don’t like that when that happenes. She’s, in my opinion, getting screwed at work. She does all the events at the gallery where she works, I don’t know if it’s because she’s the new kid or what. I told her to put her foot down. I’ve been there.

I was out on the back porch posting and it started raining, now I’m inside posting. Google says mostly sunny, Cayman National Weather Servicesays 30% chance of rain, Weather In Cayman says sunny. It’s raining, who to believe? Definitely a drive-the-van-not-the-scooter day.

And now I have time for a bowl of cereal before work, so CIAO! Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Drawing a Blank

  1. You have to start collecting stuff for the blank days or for days when you’re in a hurry. That’s what the sleeping deer hunter was for me today. But then I remembered the white deer story so I got a better post today.

  2. Sometimes I don’t see Stew till he gets home from work… and then often I’m heading right out for a walk… so we kinda pass in the night! Well… we do see each other after I get back of course, which is nice. But not enough time often. Who ever believes a weather forecast? It can say pouring with rain here, and of course it’s not! Just look out the window, that’s the best way to tell what the weather is doing! lol

    • Today at lunch, it was cloudless blue sky in front of me, and dark grey stormclouds behind me. Both ways, to and from! Caribbean weather is funny this time of year.

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