Drawin’ A Blank

I”m drawing a blank this morning, post wise. It was raining this morning for our dog walk but all the weather apps say clear. It’s looking 100% cloudy right now.

The Wife starts working from home today. She took my laptop to work and had software installed and remote access to their network set up. I’m afraid that it’ll never be my laptop again. I don’t use it much anyway. But it hurts a little.

The building has trickle-started. The plumber came and installed the shower stall. It doesn’t fit properly, although it’s a 34 inch stall, it’s a 34 inch circle, from corner to wall, it’s about 32 inches, and doesn’t reach the end of the window.. It’ll be ok, once I install this custom piece of aluminum I had made.

I got the feeling the contractor boss lady is going to start playing games…. Quit working till I throw more money at the project. Not going to happen. I know all the tricks from when I had this house built. I’m ready for combat.

So, I guess I’m not in too great of a space this morning.

But YOU have a great day!

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