I walk the dogs in the mornings and turn around at a spot I call Doublepaint. It’s at a “T” junction where I guess the paint machine put down some extra thick paint.

i took the pictures this morning, then had an inkling that I had posted about it before. And I have. But it’s interesting (only to me probably) to see the difference between then and now.

Tomorrow is Friday! The weather is supposed to turn crappy, but I don’t care, I can’t dive this weekend because of my tooth, or lack thereof.

I’m reading a weird book that maybe I will post about tomorrow.

Have a fantabulous day!

8 thoughts on “Doublepaint.

  1. I have to laugh about your spot to turn around. At least you have a better name for it than the name we have for our turn around spot. Ours is a little park-like area beside the sidewalk that we always called the “poopy place” because that’s where the pups stopped to do their thing. Of course, we collected their hard work and brought it back to our own trash cans. Recently, though, we haven’t been walking our dogs in our neighborhood. We have plenty of room for them in our back yard to run and do their thing. And, they get regular trips (2-5 times a week) to dog shows, friend’s homes (some with pools, lakes, and other dog friends), etc. The main reason we have stopped walking our babies in our neighborhood is neighbors who walk the dogs (two are pit bulls) off leash. Not all dogs are well trained, will attack (have attacked), and can do some serious damage both physically and mentally to other dogs. We show our dogs and they are highly socialized/trained to be good citizens – even having the AKC Canine Good Citizen designation. Your dogs are lucky you are able to walk them so that they get the experiences of different scenery and smells.
    I hope your tooth problem is under control. Yesterday I finally got two implants “installed” after waiting since August!
    Happy Weekend!

    • Poopy place! That’s funny. Doublepaint is in the middle of a road at an intersection. Good thing I’m usually there in the early early morning.
      I carry an anti dog stick to protect us from curious dogs.

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