Doublepaint & Half Mile Gate

Lenny and my morning walks are pretty standardized nowadays. Usually we go to what I call “Doublepaint” a dash at the end of a road where we turn round. It makes for almost a mile-and-a-half walk.

My turn-around step

There’s also “Half Mile Gate”, it’s precisely a half mile from our gate. Guess how far it is round trip?

Half-Mile Gate

This morning is thundery and rainy. I carried an umbrella and we only went to Half Mile Gate.

There’s also “excursions” where we can cut through the woods in a loop, or another path to the beach and back. That adds a lot of steps. I’m trying to break my 33 day record of making my step goal in my fitness tracker.

Today I’m going to the dentist. Regular cleaning plus one of my permanent caps came in. Pretty soon I’ll get the other cap and the implant. (Both will be installed at the same time.) Then I should be back at 100%, dental-wise.

I’m tired this morning. I just want to go back to bed. But my coffee is really, really good! I think the coffee will be very effective today!!

Have a great day!

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