Double Your Blog Comments with One Easy Step!

The title of this post sounds like spam, doesn’t it?

I like receiving comments, I really really do.

I searched for ways to increase the comments on my blog, and most of the search results were crap. They talked about ebusiness and selling stuff and site traffic and things that don’t pertain to me. I just want more comments. I found one article (and only one article) that was pretty good that was about personal blogging. You can read it HERE.

I have discovered the most surefire way to double the comments on your blog is simply to reply to each and every comment made! I got 10 comments day-before-yesteday! (But five of them were mine…..)

All kidding aside, I spend at least an hour a day reading other peoples blogs, and leaving comments. I’m interested in peoples blogs, and like to know they’re interested in mine. I see and hear and learn a lot of amazing things from your blogs. My blog is different than most that I read. Most, not all, have themes, this day in history, famous quotes, picture a day. Mine doesn’t have a theme, I guess this blog is just whatever is going on in my life every day. I’ve searched for blogs similar to mine, and don’t even know the proper search phrase, post-a-day? nope, diary blog? not much results there… When I search for blogs, I find the blogs that are ranked high on the search engines, with millions of followers. Corporate blogs about technology and peoples famous news blogs. The best way for me to find new blogs to follow is to go to blogs of people who comment on the blogs I already follow.

Yesterday I had a nightmarish experience! This lady asked me, on one of my commnts on her blog, if I had a site! That is terrrible! The Horror!

Bloggers worst nightmare, magnified times infinity!

Does anybody else have this problem? If you’re reading this, it means you obviously don’t. I suspect it’s the WordPress app. As I’ve said before, you’re not actually visiting the site you’re looking at with the WordPress app. I already knew people can’t comment on other blogs using the WordPress app, now I find that some people at least, can’t even tell I have a blog.

I’m not going to get any comments from new readers in that situation!

The WordPress App is good for posting, terrible as a reader. Feedly is pretty good as a reader, but you can’t use it to post. Too many people are using WordPress as a reader, without even realizing it’s practically non-functional when it comes to reading blogs.

That sucks!

Have a wonderful day!

16 thoughts on “Double Your Blog Comments with One Easy Step!

  1. My blog was kind of like yours, in that it really was about whatever I thought was important on the day the post was written. I stopped when I began to bore myself though.

    • Many WordPressers ONLY reply on their blog to a comment, without visiting the commentors site. The WordPress App makes it more difficult.

    • I used to leave my reply to their comment on their blog, but lately, and I guess as a rule, I’ll reply here and comment there!

  2. When I first clicked on your name in my comments in blogger it took me to your ‘about me’ page in blogger. If you have a blogger blog it will show up at the top of the page. Since there isn’t one there I can see how someone who only uses blogger might think you don’t have a blog.

    I got adventurous and clicked on the ‘my web page’ link. It pulled up your home page which bloggers don’t have. Then I saw the click here for my blog link.

    On your ‘about me’ page in blogger, can you change ‘My Web Page’ to ‘my blog’? Then use the link ‘’. That will cut down a few steps that people might give up on.

  3. You are quite correct. You have to build blog relationships., and it never hurts to email someone privately once you know them well enough and personally connect with them.

    While I ‘ve never set out to increase comments, there are some posts you can write that press buttons with people and they will comment. But you need to separate readership from comments. Many read and maybe never comment. The lurkers like you just as much as the commenters, but you don’t hear from them for whatever reason.

    When I added you to my rss feed, it did not add your blog directly but required another click from my rss feed to see your blog. In a Blogspot dominated world, if you are are WordPress fan, you have to ensure it is easy for the majority to interact.

    For some reason I ended up with two Word Press identities to comment on Word Press blogs and I always have to check that I am using the right identity. It is easier to just choose at the time than sort out my two identities.

    Who knows how these things work. Your blog now remembers me when I want to comment, but it didn’t always and required me each time to fill in my name, email address and blog url.

    Like yours, my blog is very diverse. I think some of my posts appeal to some people, and others to other people. I don’t expect a lot of comments on tomorrow’s post about family, but my blog is my online but censored diary of what clicks with me at the time. While I can’t say I would continue my blog without any comments, there is a good chance I would. I have received wonderful kindness and hosting and meeting of people when we have travelled and I always try to repay to blogmates with similar kindness.

  4. Like you, I like comments too. Though I know many, many people read my blog a day and never leave a comment. It doesn’t bother me too much. My blog is a ‘days of my life’ type of blog, anything goes! It seems to interest a few people! I love it when you post photos of Cayman Island… so I can see more of it. One day I hope to visit … and if you are still around expect me to turn up on ya doorstep. I know where ya live *smiles* No I didn’t stalk you… you showed your letterbox once years ago!

  5. My blog gets something posted when I have a thought in my head that I do not lose from the time I think of it until I get to my keyboard.
    I have very little traffic and can probably count on the fingers of one hand how many people read it. But I enjoy typing so much that I really do not care if I am read or not. Did I just say that?
    At any rate, I read your blog every day that you post something new and I never get bored with anything you write. You live in Cayman for heaven sakes…how boring can that be?

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