Double Beachday Weekend

I had a great weekend. Saturday, the wife had to work, and I had to return a window and buy a door. at a store far, far away. On the way back I stopped at one of my favorite beaches.

Sunday, we took the dogs to the beach, they both swam a lot and drank seawater and puked. Great times! The weather was perfect.

Got my tablet working, no phone post today. I had to press the volume down and the power off for 7 seconds to force a restart. I had enabled this automatic restart feature that I was suspicious of beforehand, and i’ve turned it off again. Tablet is running better, seems like.

Construction is progressing, I find it very stressful. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Itsa ‘nother Monday. Friday I got a new desk at work. A whole new cubicle. Today I’ll be moving in.

Have a great week!

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