Double Anniversary

I have taken the car instead of the scooter all week. It has been raining, or threatening to rain all week. Enough already, I’m ready for some sun!

This weather is good  though, it is not conducive for hurricanes.

Speaking of hurricanes, 9 years ago today and tomorrow was  Hurricane Ivan. Here, everything is either before Ivan or after Ivan. Hurricane Ivan changed everything in the Cayman Islands, especially Grand Cayman.

Also September 11th, 2001. I remember that I had the day off on the 10th and went to the beach. I was at work watching the planes crashing on live TV and I had the thought: “If this happened yesterday, I would have been at the beach and not known anything about this.”

As I’ve been thinking of and remembering 9-11 today, I’ve been thinking especially of the people who were forced to jump from the towers.

So here we are on a double anniversary. What were you doing?

5 thoughts on “Double Anniversary

  1. I was a first-year law student. While I was getting ready for class, I saw the first tower being hit. I was so stunned that I didn’t know what else to do but go to class. Half the people were gone, and I don’t remember anything that was taught. After class, my sister and I packed up the essentials we could carry in two bags, got out of our highrise condo, and spent the rest of the day at a nearby restaurant on the ground floor, just in case something happened in Chicago, and trying to call as many friends as I could in the NYC area.

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