Don’t Kill My Babies!

After yesterdays post about cotton stainer bugs, everybody here and on Facebook says they’re going to try to kill them.

They’re cute, pretty bugs! Don’t kill ’em! Besides, I discovered their source in the house, the wife had a plant trimming growing roots in water, and I think they must have hatched on it. I took the whole thing outside, mystery solved!

Since they were born in my house, that makes them my babies, so don’t kill my babies!

In other news, this morning I was looking for the tiny, crescent moon that I expected might be visible just before sunrise. When I started my dogwalk, it wasn’t visible, but I saw it on the way home, and took the picture below when I got home. Venus, not in the picture, was much brighter than the moon, and I’m quite impressed with this shot.

Tiny crescent moon.

Tomorrow, the moon won’t be visible, and I rekkon the next time we’ll see it will be in the evening sky, day after tomorrow, or day after day after tomorrow.

Have a great day!! Happy Hump Day! (Woke up thinkin’ it was Tuesday..)

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