Dogbark Night

Last night, around 3, there was a loud dogfight not too far from here. My two dogs, as well as the other million bajillion in the neighborhood, all went nuts. The dogfight lasted maybe 15 seconds max, but but the bajillion neighborhood dogs kept barking incessantly.

It seems like there is a lot more dogs in our neighborhood than I knew about or imagined. And who is just gonna let their dogs sit out in the yard and bark all night? Mine went in the kennel because they wouldn’t shut up, then they shut up.

It was a nice long weekend, I went out for Friday breakfast and beach, Saturday was an 800 m sea swim. I came in 4th out of 5 in my age category, I should have done a lot better. I was and still am extremely extremely disappointed. I need more training. I need to be able to double my breath rate.

Yesterday morning I went diving, and in the afternoon was the 1st night of Hanukkah.

When I write it here, it seems like a short weekend, but it was a good long weekend. I also mowed the yard and did a ton of laundry.

And now it’s back to work, have a good week!

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