Dog Report

I haven’t mentioned the dawgs in a while. Sheba is doing better, her personality has come out a lot since she was an outdoor dog, tied to a tree all day, with minimal human contact.
She’s mostly house trained, she still pees because she’s so happy when we get home. But it’s just a little teeny puddle. She almost doesn’t jump up on you anymore, but she thinks it only means me, you have to tell her “No Jumping!” yourself.

She’s a little shit. She comes and sits on your feet when you’re trying to put your shoes on, push her away, and she’ll dramatically fall over and lay there, belly up, looking at you with a grin on her face and her huge pink tongue hanging out of her mouth. She does things she knows she’s not supposed to do. She ate part of a spiny prickly plant you wouldn’t think she’d eat. She admitted guilt by refusing to come when called about it. She knows I know she knew better when she did it. You tell her to stay and she can slither like a snake to try and sneak away anyway. She’s very jealous, and if you pet Ditto, she’ll try to get in between you and him.

Ditto is still the same old sage, perfect gentleman. Almost. He peed on the porch the other day, didn’t even try to hide it, I heard running water, looked over and WTF!! I think he thought it was allowed, or he thought Sheba would be blamed. I doubt he’ll do it again.
Above is a pic the OI Girl took.

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  1. Well…I can by the looks of it!! I have been trying for a couple of days to leave you a comment and it wouldn’t let me!!…go figure. I love your dogs…great photo:) My two do the pushing in on each other thing too. I am sure my two can count…they know how many pats each other gets..always have to be fair!

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