Did You Know?

Did you know that coffee is mostly water? This morning I got up, made coffee, showered, walked the dawgs and fed the cats. Then I came to  get a cuppa coffee, and there was none! Apparently I forgot to put the water in. There was coffee, the filter, the pot, the hot surface everything you need for coffee but water. I never really knew that coffee making was such a component critical process. I mean, I had 99% of the ingredients and got NOTHING. Dang.

IN other news

Last night there was a huge whiny ruckus outside that I thought was a catfight. The dogs and my wife ran outside on the back porch, I was ready to head downstairs and hit the floodlights. ‘Bout the time I reached the top of the stairs, The Wife starts calling me so I go out. There’s a big frog, crying like a human baby. Apparently DItto the Destroyer was messing with it. I grabbed him by one leg to throw him overboard and that frog started screaming again. Talk about freaky! I never heard anything like that before. Horror movie sounds. Anyway, we never heard another peep after that.

BTK was here for supper last night, good to see her, but she was gone again at breakfast this morning.

Here’s my  Tuesday NFL results and hopes for next week. Skins had a bye. At least they didn’t lose. again

I should have mowed the yard but didn’t. Yesterday I looked and thought “Not too bad, it can wait another week”. This morning I looked at the yard and said, “Dang!”

Have a good week. It’s the first workday of the week, so it’s monday with a small “m” no matter what day it really is.

3 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. I have heard a frog screaming.. it is very high pitched and awful!
    The photo of the computer desk on my blog is the desk I bought, all the computer stuff is not mine.
    I will be sure to put the ‘box’ up, thanks for the tip.

  2. Question : If you were buying a new computer.. would you get one with the ‘box / tower’ or an All in One? I don’t want a laptop ever again. I’ve been told the ‘box / tower’ ones are being phased out… every salesman I talked to today said I should get an All in One.
    What say YOU?

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