Detraining The Dawgs…

AKA the dawgs training us. Sheba is getting out of hand. She thinks she can wake us up whenever she wants, we’ll figure out what she wants, and give  it to her. Well, she doesn’t wake me up, she knows I’ll tell her to go lay down and maybe give her a whack. But she wakes The Wife up. Ass you recall she hurt herself on the  steps taking Sheba out at 1:30 AM. I took Sheba and ditto out around 10, so they both shoulda been fine.
So last night Sheba woke The Wife up (twice I think), and, since she has a bad ankle, The Wife woke me up because “Sheba needs to go out”. I said “Tell that dawg to go lay down, I took them both out last night”. The Wife: “maybe they need water”… OK , so I get up, and check, of course both of their water bowls are full.
I came back to bed, I said “Listen, if Sheba thinks it’s OK to wake you up, she’ll wake you up more and more often. She’s getting  de-trained about going outside to use the bathroom, and she’s training you to do what she wants, not vice versa. You need to tell her to shut the hell up and go lay  the hell down.”


I think Sheba heard and understood this because she hightailed it out of there and didn’t wake us up again. 

It’s Fri-Hii-Day!
The Weekends Here!
We’ll relax! (hallelujah! hallelujah)
And take off our slacks! (hallelujah! hallelujah!)
And sit around the house in our rotten under wearrrrr!

7 thoughts on “Detraining The Dawgs…

  1. Good luck with the de-training. My peeps would not be happy either if I kept waking her up. I’d probably get a slap on my butt too. Looks like a good weekend planned. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. yeah, i went thru a lot of this this summer. with the long, hot days, the dogs would sleep inside all day. as soon as the lights went out for bedtime, they were up and wanted to be let outside. then let back in. then let outside, and…

    they’re finally getting a bit more comfy again – as am i.

  3. Dogs are brilliant at training people as long as the people remain trainable. it’s a power grab for the dogs who secretly snicker at their power over humans.

  4. I agree with you. Sheba is trying it on, and if your Wife keeps getting up to her she will keep waking her up.
    Our dogs get shut in the Laundry over night. They would wake us all if they could too.

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