Defect discovered

I love the movie, ‘The Incredibles‘. I own the DVD and watch it not infrequently.
Saturday, I discovered a defect in the movie. Here’s the problem, Syndrome didn’t know Mr. Incredible was married to Elastigirl, or that they had kids. He expressed surprise at discovering this when he caught them on his island. Then he sends his robot to destroy the town, gets knocked out, and the Incredibles save the day. So, he wakes up and goes and takes Jack Jack hostage. My question is, how did he know about Jack Jack?
I am very disappoited to realize this defect in the plot. Marring my image of perfection.

On the other hand, Galaxy Quest truly is an absolutely perfect movie!

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  1. Ms Cute Pants,I can assume Syndrome knew Mr Incredible had a wife and three kids, from the pre-island surveillance, just not known the wife was Elastigirl…Mindy, What!?!??!Wanbli, Yes, you must watch The Incredibles!!

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