Dec 7th

A day that will live in infamy.. Two years ago, Manrique, my father in law and best friend died. In my mind, this event, somehow was the catalyst that precipitated my divorce.

I’m not going to go into how I’m still fucked up from it.

In other news, my poor poor lemon tree is under attack again, this time by beautiful green caterpillars.

I plucked almost a dozen off the plant and flushed them down the toilet. Today comes the caterpillar killing spray.

ANd, today is my Friday and I’m glad about that

2 thoughts on “Dec 7th

  1. Hi Mark,
    Anniversary dates can be hard, that’s for sure.
    Well, your lemon lovers certainly are pretty, I guess, but I understand how destructive they can be. I don’t know if these things work there, but I’ve discovered spraying my flowers and veggies with hot sauce laced water (about 1/4 cup sauce per gallon water) keeps the buggies and other pests away. At least that’s safe for the pups and bees.
    Happy Weekend!

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