Daytime Astronomy

Wednesday, 26 July. Already.

As you may know, on the equinoxes, the sun is overhead at the equator. On the first day of summer (in the northern henisphere) the sun reaches the tropic of cancer. And the first day of summer in he southern hemisphere, the sun reaches overhead at the tropic of Capricorn. And in betweeen the sun travels back and forth. Well today the sun passes directly overhead in Cayman. At 12:23, the sun will be at 89.9 degrees high. Also yesterday it was at 89.9 degrees, eaning the sun passed over our precise longitude sometime last night, on the other side of the world.

It happens twice a year everywhere in the tropics, once when the sun is headed north, and once when heading south. Never outside of the tropics. sorry.

Today is one of the best of the Best of beach days!

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