Days Mixing Up

It’s Wednesday, thought it was Thursday.

Christmas Day was great! We opened presents, then went to brunch at one friends house and dinner at another. Today I should mow the yard, but I’ll probably put it off another day.

This morning, I got up at about the the normal time, well, about 10 minutes late, 5:10, and walked the dog, and did my normal routine.

Don’t have much to post about, The weather looks pretty good, quite windy still, but not too cloudy. Rekkon I might ride my bicycle to the beach, depending on the wife’s plans this fine day.

Maybe I will mow the yard…

Got a comment on the previous post from Chris, at Diet Coke Rocks, that she sent me a stuffed robot doll that she made, I sure hope it gets here, I’m excited! Things almost always take longer to get to the Cayman Islands, so there’s still hope that it’s not lost!

I guess, most places, today is a workday, but here, it’s Boxing Day, and it’s a holiday, which is good! Below is a snippet from Wikipedis about Boxing day. I didn’t know this particular fact. Now my cynnical mind thinks that we have is as a holiday, so our bosses don’t have to give us a present. (Kidding)

Boxing Day, from Wikipedia.

So have a great day, whether you’re working or not!

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