Day Old Picture Special

Today I’m posting some stale old pictures I took yesterday. Sorry I don’t have any fresher pictures, but these cost you less!

Yesterdays lunchtime snorkel was a really good one, as you know, I go almost every day, but yesterday was extra good.

It started with a Lionfish.Camera 14MP-9PCThen I turned around and was surprised that a huge school of fish was so close to me.Camera 14MP-9PCCamera 14MP-9PCI’ve seen this school of fish before, and I think this is the same barracuda, but now the school seems much bigger.Camera 14MP-9PCI like how the fish give the Bara his own space.Camera 14MP-9PCQuite a large barracuda for Cayman!Camera 14MP-9PC

I’ll be going back to day for sure, to see if I can find them again, or see what else I can find!

I’m glad it’s Friday, although I did wake up nervous and antsy this morning. I feel like I’m not in a good mood for no reason.But don’t worry, I’ll get back on the beam, nothing can keep me down on a Friday!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Day Old Picture Special

  1. Was the Barracuda eating the smaller fish?
    Do you leave work every day and go for a swim?
    How long is your lunch time… it must be a decent length of time for you to go swimming!
    I have woken up this morning feeling “antsy” too… probably because I had to get up and make lunches for the kids and feed the dogs… I wanted to stay in bed.
    And it’s Friday here… as you must know.


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