Day Of Firsts!

Happy 2014 everybody! It’s the first day of the year! The first day of January! My first post this year! The first Holiday of the year!

I don’t have any plans for this year, no resolutions. Do you? I considered two, 1: Always chewing my food with my mouth open, and 2: Ending each and every sentence I utter with the word “shithead”. These are fine goals to strive for, but you know what? I’m just too lazy, so I’m gonna blow it off, at least till next year….

Happy New YearHappy NEW YEAR!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Day Of Firsts!

  1. You are a nutter… shithead indeed! I say ‘you dickwad’ a lot. It’s not very ladylike, but then… I ain’t no lady! lol
    I’ve got no New Year’s resolutions … cos I never achieve them!

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