Dawgie Day Care

On Monday and Wednesdays, our two pups go to dawgie day care. Cay9 Resort and Spa.

Nothing’s loading, just a stolen image…

The dogs love it, Daisy especially.

Daisy in the pool.

Although I think Daisy might be the school slut…

Lenny is more of a loner type..

But he and Daisy love each other.

I pick them up after work, they get in back of the van, happy (and wet), they come home, eat and fall asleep, exhausted.

I enjoy it that they enjoy it.

I was hoping for a sunny day, but the sky looked pretty dangerous this morning. I hear thunder as I type this and it rained last night.

I doubt I’ll get my scooter-to-work, beach-for-lunch day.. Oh well. It’s that time of year!

Have a good day!

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